🤔 What I'm Doing right now?

Oh, hello there 🤗

What purpose of this page ?

Well, this page is inspired by Sutan Gading, the man who inspired me to make my website, and maybe you should check his website too. Main purpose of this page is to tell what i'm doing right now.

If you have your own site, you should to make one too.


Currently working as Frontend Engineer at DOOgether


  • Work (of course, why not)
  • Learning and research weird technologies on the internet
  • Coding, Gaming, Streaming
  • Video Call (literally every night)


  • React, Javascript, Typescript
  • Node JS with Express

Software / Tools / Devices

  • OS: Windows, Mac OS
  • Code Editor : Visual Studio Code
  • Browser: Chrome, a new Microsoft Edge
  • Devices: PC, Macbook Pro 2019
  • Github

Jogja and Depok

I went to Jogja by October 2019 to join bootcamp program that also been starting point of my career. Then I trhew my self to Depok to start my dream job (literally)


Many and most people said :

Oh programmer doesn't have girlfriend, they have no live, always watching Anime and sitting in the dark room alone.

Ey man, jus shut the beep up. I'm in a relationship with a girl, of course a girl. Who ? Just check my Instagram

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